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MCK Marketing LLC

Suburban Senior would like to introduce you to:

MCK Marketing LLC, a social media steward who has optimized the structure and values of Social Media to benefit you, your business or perhaps even your personal life.

An email campaign can only reach those who consented to receive your email. Your website can only deliver consumers based on your page ranking. Social media possess the ability to spread your marketing messages to a greater audience of consumers.

Today’s business runs on time. Social Media can be very time consuming. You must possess the knowledge to wade your way through the tide of unreasonable steps to accomplish your ad campaign.

Do you have the time each day to review, correct and wage a Social Media campaign for your business? In 2019 your Consumers  spent 2 hours and 16 minutes a day on Social Media. In 2020, it is projected to be 3 1/2 hours and are you missing out on that profitability?

Yes, it all comes down to time. MCK Marketing LLC has the time to showcase your Social Media campaign and/or Marketing Plan from inception to fulfillment of your goals both short term and long term.