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MCK Marketing LLCMCK Marketing LLC
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MCK Marketing LLC

MCK Marketing LLC targets and delivers:

 Branding of your business on the various platforms of Social Media creating brand identity with loyalty     (repeat business and recommendation to friends and family)

 Increase website ranking for increased traffic.

  Having a Social Media presence (ex. Twitter, Facebook, Google+) can result in higher page indexing while the interaction on Social Media (ex. likes, retweets, shares) can rank you higher on any search engine

  Target age, gender, location and consumer’s interest

  Updating your website in a timely manner with your current events, photos, comments and replies to complaints or compliments

  Creating blogs and articles including eye catching photos to draw traffic to your website

  Linking links to shared content promotes trust and reliability to consumers

  Formation of a budget for Social media ads if part of your campaign

  Keeping an eye on your competition for insights on their social media campaign

Let us take the time to formulate your Social Media Campaign in a NO CHARGE Consultation by calling:

MCK Marketing LLC at 847.848.5987 Patrick or 248.506.1804 Susan